Alumna of the Quarter

  • Allecia Lanton



    The Fall 2011 Alumna of the Quarter is Allecia Lanton. Allecia is an active alumna who graduated into our sisterhood on December 6, 2002 as a member of the school of LA  V.E.R.D.A.D. Allecia is featured due to her dedication to the Beta Chapter re-organization and upholding our pillars  Allecia took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for us about how she balances her busy life.


    You took on a large volunteer position with the reorganizing of Beta Chapter, what is your position and what was your motivation to remain active with Delta Phi Mu on this level?
    I am currently holding both the recruitment chair position and philanthropy position on the alumnae advisory board.  My motivation for gettig back involved was that back in september I found my educational process journal and I started reading some of my old posts and I thought about the committment I made to this organization and more importantly my sisters.  To Love, guide, and, assist one another as Delta Phi Mu Sisters.


    You are very involved outside of work. How do you balance work, your family, your hobbies, and your commitment to the sisterhood?
    I at times have a hard time balancing because I have to physically be present at some functions but one thing we learn is time management skills and I have learned to prioritize different tasks according to deadline and importance.  I am currently working toward obtaining my MBA in Healthcare Management and I have a full time job plus my personal life.  We are unique women and we are capable of doing more than we think.


    What advice do you have for other sisters who want to volunteer for Delta Phi Mu?

    I encourage sisters to get active and support one another.  This organization rests upon each and every one of us and we function at our greatest capacity when all members are actively involved in some form or fashion.  I have felt a sense of personal gratification knowing that I am still building relationships and guiding young women to grow as independent strong women.  And these relationships are long lasting.



    As a woman of strength and drive, what inspires you?
    My sisters and my love for this organization inspires me.  I also think back to my personal struggles as a undergrad and I am motivated to help young women learn to cope with different situations.  My mother is also another motivator for me.  She is a strong woman and has fought for the things that she has in life and I inately have that same drive to pursue the things I want for my life and hopefully be an example for others.

    Thank you to you Allecia for being an inspiration to all sisters of Delta Phi Mu!